Class charters

This week we have written our class charter. We want our school to be a happy and safe place to be. We discussed and agreed what everybody should do in our classroom.

Below, you will see the four different class charters from KS2.

For home learning this week, please discuss the charter with your family. How are you going to try to follow the charter? How are you going to help others to follow it? What does it mean to you? What does a happy and safe classroom look like? What does respectful behaviour look like?

Have you seen anyone following the class charter? What were they doing?

Please comment below, and make sure you keep checking incase anybody replies to your comments. It might start a wonderful discussion 🙂

Networks & the internet

Thanks for all your enthusiasm when learning about the school network and the internet today! Here are a few things that we talked about that may interest you. Please post any more questions as comments and I’ll try to find answers.

How the internet works:

Submarine Cables:

Submarine Cables Interactive map – click on the map to go the web page and have a play around!:

Google Data centres – or “Clouds”! Click to look at photos of where Google stores your data – scroll down the page for more and some are interactive. What did you find out? Did anything surprise you?

Remember – “The Cloud Is Someone Else’s Server”!

IP addresses – find out more below – some of this is a little complicated, but I think you’ll get the idea!:

Home Learning 23/3/18


Please login to Mathletics and complete your assigned tasks linked to our work on fractions and decimals.


Please complete this progressive tense game.


No spelling words this week as we will be revising learnt spelling words in class next week.

Have a great weekend!

Mr Tagg