London Eye Mystery – Chapter 15

We learn in this chapter that Kat is good at dealing with big problems but not so good at dealing with small problems. Some people are more relaxed by nature and can cope with small problems calmly, however, even those people will have small problems that irritate them. I myself think that generally I deal with small problems quite well, but also know that if I cannot find the TV remote or we run out of cereal, then I can quickly become infuriated and my stress levels can rocket sharply.

Please share a small problem which you can find difficult to deal with.

London Eye Mystery – The Movie

Imagine the London Eye Mystery book was being made into a movie and they were recruiting the actors and actresses from the staff at Merton Park. Which members of staff would you choose to play the part of Ted, Kat, Salim, Detective Pearce and Aunt Gloria? Share your choices below.

Article of the week – article 28

Jot down all the reasons why having an education is important for you. How does it benefit you now? How will it improve your future? How will it prepare you for adulthood? What skills do you have that you wouldn’t have if you had not been to school?

Please share all of your reasons for an education below. It will be interesting to see how similar or different our lists are.

London Eye Mystery – Chapter 12

‘Dad looked to the sky at the three quarter moon that was rising to the east of the city.’

This line from chapter twelve made me think about the fascinating science of moon phases. Please watch the following video and share your favourite moon. My personal favourite is the waning gibbous.

Article 14

People‚Äôs beliefs often influence the way they act and behave. Imagine  you have discovered a new planet to live on. What ideas do you have about how you would want all the people  who live there to treat each other and their planet?